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This trophy is awarded to the club champion and is currently based on the highest placed ranking in the middle distance BAR events - 25  50 and 100 mile TT  - in previous years it had been awarded for the full distance BAR events - 50, 100 and 12 hour.

The first name on the cup is Duncan Carmichael who received the award in 1958.


Duncan is still an active member 54 years later and was made honorary life member in 2009.


The current Club Champion (for the 5th year in succession) is Jim Cusick

The Club Championship Trophy









The Road Race Trophy is awarded on merit for the best performances throughout the season in road racing.


Jamie Kennedy was the worthy recipient of this award in 2011 following a fantastic season on the road.


Donated  by Duncan's company - CSC -  who were our sponsor through much of the late 90s and early 00s.

The Road Race Champions Trophy






The hill climb trophy is awarded to the winner of the clubs annual hill climb in October.


We currently use the 1 mile Netherton Road climb above Langbank.


This years event ended in a dead heat so the trophy was awarded to Jim Cusick and Alan Thomson.




Donated by our new joint sponsor Thomsons Cycles.

The Hill Climb Trophy






This trophy is awarded to the winner of our season long Georgetown TT series. 

Based on the riders fastest four Georgetowns over the year - the winner in 2011 was Barry McGurk.


The 'Shell' is an original piece of World War One 'trench art' made from an empty artillary shell casing  - possibly made by soldiers in the trenches but more likely by French artisans just after the War.

The wooden plinth was added by the clubs very own artisan - John Gordon!

More about Georgetown

Donated by Geoff and Linda Smith and John Gordon

The Georgetown Shell






This is our newest trophy and was donated in 2012 by the Club Chairman  to mark  his 50th year since joining the Couriers!


The trophy is awarded at the Chairmans discretion to the most deserving member on general merit.


This years winner was everyones favourite supervet - the legendary Dave Millar!




Donated by Ian Sharp

The Chairmans Cup






The Vets Championship is worked out using the "Vets on Standard"  formula. No one in the club actually knows the formula but its won by Davie Millar every year and probably always will be!

The unusual wooden design is a piece of abstract art made in the 1970s by former club member Harry Miller.

Harry is a great character and another of the clubs long line of skilled woodworkers. He is a guitar maker, now based in Wales, and his most notable creation was a "Welly Boot" shaped guitar commisioned and used on stage by Billy Connolly. 

Donated by Harry Miller

Harry Miller's Website



The Vets Championship Trophy