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Posted on 21st March, 2012

Club historians sifting through the vaults were amazed to find what at first appeared to be a photograph of Linda serving her timekeeper's apprenticeship with a very young looking Ian Sharp. It turns out the young lady in question is actually the Chairman's lovely daughter Elinor-  who, coincidently, is also a former girlfriend of our new club sponsor  - Allan Pratt!  Who says our link with Thomsons Cycles is a new one? Speaking of which, does anyone else agree that the first Erskine CC Jersey , as worn by Sharpy in this photo, was also the best?



                            "that's my dad!" Elinor and Ian Sharp c1986


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Loosely based on the Spanish "Teka" team of the late 70'sGents' top designed by our model,Ivan Sharp,Grafic designer.