First byline in a National Daily for Geoff Smith

Posted on 28th February, 2012

The Herald - Tuesday 26th Feb





OH THAT HURTS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Behave yourself auld yin! - 7 laps and 7 times over that climb after a sea swim!!!. There's no warming up on the turbo then 25 miles along the dual carrageway for these superheroes !!! :o)

btw - fantastic news and glad to hear your comeback is on the cards now Ian - dig out that Colnago and we'll have you riding the Georgetowns before July!
Bloody brilliant video,then I looked more closely at the times!
1.15. for a 25?
Let me loose---AND I won't need Cusick to coach me going downhill!

Where's my Colnago!!!!!
Sounds like a plan!
How about getting 2 framed copies of the picture and wording,for both shops.
What publicity!