Cusick makes ammends

Posted on 12th December, 2011

Tommy O’Neil has always been quick to accuse the Couriers of being a bunch of freeloading hooligans at the drum-up - arriving after the fire is lit and sticking on cans without collecting any wood. Jim Cusick did little to enhance the clubs reputation when he arrived and started to cut some logs – only to snap the drum-ups trusty old log saw. The atmosphere at the spot turned frosty and Cusick was sent on his way.

All bitterness quickly vanished however when the big man returned half an hour later with two large cream cakes to share out round the fire. Sorted!

Whats more , thanks to the latest GPS technology we can now give Tommy conclusive proof  that the Couriers do collect wood at the drum up!



A Couriers Endomondo GPS reading taken

while on wood collection detail.






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