Honours for the 3 Jims

Posted on 4th December, 2011



Jimmy Barrett, Jim Taylor and Jim Gunn have been awarded honorary life membership in thanks and recognition for their many years of loyal service to the club and for generally being good old spuds.


It is now hoped they will achieve their ambition of setting a new record for the oldest combined age in a TTT4 round Millport. If our reckoning is correct, along with Duncan ‘the Laird’ Carmichael , they could soon field a 300 year old team. With the Couriers now organising Millport, surely that is reason enough to reinstate the much lamented round the island 4up!


Speaking on behalf of the three Jims, Jim Taylor said

“ What was that? Who was made honourary life member?”



      Jim Taylor                          Jimmy Barrett                 Jim Gunn          

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