M74 extension Ride Sunday 22 May 2011

Posted on 31st May, 2011

I paid my £5 to the organisers for the bike ride over the M74 extension which allows people from the east to avoid the Kingston Bridge and join the M8 at West Street.


I decided to avoid the ride to the start due to the weather and Ann offered to drop me at Glasgow Green. This was a good decision as the cyclists would be required to be at the start at 8.30 am.


No problem getting to the start dry lots of marshals and about 50 temporary bogs definitely necessary. They had a marshall area for the cyclists.  It looked like there were about 1200 cyclists there from paw, maw and the weans to well dressed Giro types.  I wondered how they felt with full racing kit in the cold conditions.   I must be getting old -  had full metal equipment including gloves. There were lots of mums and weans there and it was nice to see the support.


Gave some details of myself and the Kooriers for the announcer who did us proud. Didn’t see any other Kooriers there,   plenty of Johnstone Wheelers though,  they were there in force.


After muster at 8.30 am all the cyclists moved up to the motorway start at 9.00 am – it was an impressive bit of organisation.    The Runners were to leave at 9.30 am and then the walkers at 12.00 noon. The total taking part was around 10,000 - not bad for an inclement morning although the afternoon seemed brighter.


The route was 7 km to the Fullarton end where we turned and retraced to the West Street car park total 14km.


I fairly flew along with big tail wind and did not notice the slight gradients on the way out but felt them on the way back!!   There were two stations for water which were well organised.   Some of the surfaces were a bit bumpy as the tarmac was unfinished but overall there were plenty of good bits. The road overall looked a good job and will certainly be a big help for commuters. I will use it to avoid the Kingston bridge.    Well done our Scottish government -  long may it continue.


I rode back home to Mount Vernon via Clyde cycle path.  All in all a good day out although I did miss my older Kooriers.
Jim Gunn

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