Knockhill 25 mile MTT - 6 March 2011

Posted on 15th March, 2011




First TT of the season, 2nd race of the season and 3rd time on my new TT bike!!!  Has all the winter training paid off ..... ???  Following my disaster at the Gifford (puncturing in the first mile, a wheel change nightmare, then a 50 mile solo in an outside chance that the bunch may slow for a period, but mainly because I had driven all the way there and was not going to give up the chance to get a ride in) the Knockhill was my chance to get a proper effort in over the weekend.  The race started at 1pm, to attempt to give the maximum benefit of the daytime warmth, which unfortunately struggled to get above 6 degrees.  Now a skinsuit and 6 degrees are not the best combination (even with a set of 3/4 lengths underneath), where's all my winter kit when i needed it! Although there were many that braved shorts .. very brave!!  Many of the TT big hitters were there, including Arthur Doyle, Joe Wilson, Alistair Robinson and Steven Nutley and also amongst the roadies were Gary Hand and Rob Wilkins.


The warm up was limited to a 10 minute ride, anything more would have been more of a cool down!  I was off at 1.39pm, with Rob Wilkins a minute behind.  On the basis of times from the Tour of the Trossachs, I thought if I could keep him at bay for at least half the course I would be in with a good time.  Started off well, and felt strong but struggled to raise my heart rate up, whether it was because of the cold weather or the effort I had put in the day before!! With no heart rate to gauge my effort, kept a steady hard pace.  At 10 miles Rob Wilkins came past, although over the next 7 miles managed to keep him within 30 seconds of me, so not all lost. 


From those who will know the course, from the 17 mile mark (i.e. Alloa roundabout) to the finish is uphill all the way, with a steep section to the finish, to let you know if you've overcooked it!  Maintained a steady pace, still able to see Rob Wilkins in the distance (just) for the last 8 miles and even had something in the tank (maybe more than I should have) for the final ascent.


Crossed the line with a time of 1.03.55, which later transpired to 6th overall.  Got to be happy with that! Top fifteen results below: 


1. Arthur Doyle             0.59.20

2. Joe Wilson                1.00.59

3. Rob Wilkins               1.01.37

4. Alistair Robinson       1.02.06

5. Steven Nutley            1.02.14

6, Jamie Kennedy          1.03.55

7. Gary Hand                 1.04.10

8. Matthew Hamilton      1.04.39

9. Robert Brown            1.04.48

10. Alistair Watt             1.04.56

11. Eddie Addis               1.05.13

12. David Henderson     1.05.14

13. Graeme Hay            1.05.59

14. Kenney Kentley        1.06.10

15. Paul Newnham         1.06.59

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Keep July free, we might need you for a small race :-) Well in lad, good result!