Mackie Trophy 25

Posted on 22nd April, 2013

Jim Cusick continues his good form taking 3rd place in Sundays Mackie Trophy 25 at Fife. Alan Thomson takes the win and  is beginning to look like he could be the man for this season!


Mackie Tankard 21.04.13 Finish sheet


Rider Team Cat Time

A Thomson Sandy Wallace Cycles 0.53.41

R Carson Team Leslie Bikes 0.54.52

J Cusick Glasgow Couriers 0.55.03

B McLellan West Lothian clarion 0.56.09

G Hay Stirling BC 0.56.30

S Nutley Sandy Wallace Cycles 0.56.32

RJ McLean Angus Bike Chain 0.56.49

A Mills Sandy Wallace Cycles 0.57.29

R Laidlaw Gala CC 0.57.50

J Hall Sandy Wallace Cycles 0.58.46

G Jones Edinburgh Road Club 1.00.02

B Paterson Stirling BC 1.00.30

J Tomlinson unattached 1.00.52

P Flick Angus Bike Chain 1.01.15

A Kilpatrick Team Right Moves 1.01.16

D Crombie Dunfermline CC 1.01.18

D Wards West Lothian clarion 1.01.19

S Couper Glasgow United 1.01.24

M Higgins Granite City 1.01.48

D Pritchard Kennoway 1.01.53

T Caine Berwick Whs 1.01.56

C Adamson Gala CC 1.02.15

S Beech Sandy Wallace Cycles 1.02.20

J Taylor Equipe Velo Ecosse F 1.02.44

B Thomson Team Leslie Bikes 1.03.28

D Kirkham Mussellburgh Road Club 1.04.02

R Marshall Hardie Bikes 1.04.14

J Smith Angus Bike Chain 1.04.26

J Meek Team Leslie Bikes 1.05.17

A Solway Kennoway 1.05.21

J Reid Dunfermline CC 1.05.40

J Shelley Perth United 1.06.00

L Curran Glasgow Couriers F 1.06.16

S Tulloch unattached F 1.06.20

I Binning Stirling BC 1.07.58

T Martin Sandy Wallace Cycles 1.08.17

D Wightman Fife Century Road Club 1.08.58

K Wren Stirling BC F 1.09.59

A Harris Angus Bike Chain F 1.11.40

G Laffoley Fife Century Road Club 1.12.20

A Speed Fife Century Road Club 1.12.20

G Skinner Royal Albert CC 1.13.42

D Mitchell Perth United 1.19.43

R Graveling Stirling BC dnf

I Condie Dunfermline CC dnf

G Robson Gala CC dnf

N Anderson Deeside Thistle dnf

W Bunyan Dunfermline CC dns

I King Velocity 44 Stirling dns

J Crombie Sandy Wallace Cycles dns

V Hunter Sandy Wallace Cycles F dns

M Ewing West Lothian clarion dns


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