Club run 3rd March-

Posted on 4th March, 2013

The Club run 'roon the Dunoon' did not get off to a good start- Richie punctured on the Bridge and then got a second puncture in Dumbarton. Just as well they erected that new suicide fence on the bridge as Richie was not a happy Courier.



Richie sorts his 1st Puncture while Matt and Lewis poke some fun.




A bad start for John Charles Fox's KOM campaign as he overshoots the on-ramp at the Erskine Bridge. No such problem for Richie and Lewis. Just watch out for all that glass there mate.





Matt, John, Lewis and Geoff at the Erskine bridge on ramp. - Matty was embarrased about coming out with only a half day pass and sneaked off home over Sinclair Street without saying goodbye. 



Once we got under way the group made good progress

- here we are rolling into Arrochar - l-r Fast Eddie Nelson, Scott Johnston, Geoff Smith, Lyndsey Curran, Ian Loughran, Albert McLellan, Stuart Paterson, Lewis Duff, half of Jim Cusick and out of shot the bunch is being led  by the Richie Provan Express .




Our hot new property Stuart Paterson brushes shoulders with Commonwealth Games Courier and one time breakaway companion of Joop Zoetemelk- Albert McLellan. This was 15 year old Stuarts first Couriers run and he popped out over 100 miles without missing a beat- Easily man of the match!




How these old codgers ended up in front of the main peloton I'll never know-  Our camera caught Scott , Ian and Eddie going through Helensburgh.



Now to the main business of the day - the search for the holy grail - a freshly resurfaced- traffic free route up the iconic 'Rest and be Thankful' . It will take more than a few fences to keep the Couriers off this little beauty.



Drill Sergeant Duff gives up on trying to knock us softies into shape and makes his move at the top of the Old Military Road. Look at that lovely fresh tarmac!



The guys reckon  that with Lyndsey's text book position on the bike set against a stunning backdrop this photo could grace the pages of any cycling mag in the world. Editors pic of the day!



Richie looking lean and mean - the hill wasn't his today but he made easy work of the sprint for the Sandbank 40. 




Jim Cusick swept up all the KOM points without even bothering to lift his heartrate.



The Grupetto worked together well on the climb and Scott, Eddie and Ian finished well within the time limit.




They are always happy to see the Couriers at the Strarchur Tea Room! (unless we've got wet chamois - then they can sometimes make us feel a bit unwelcome)




ALL ABOARD !!!     The Couriers always manage to stretch the Ferryman's patience to breaking point.



On the Ferry at last! - As Matt Evans once pointed out - "its flat all the way home now - appart from one big giant hill."

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