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Posted on 31st July, 2012


What with the Olympics and all that hoopla you would expect a lot of sport on your TV screens this month - but who could have predicted  Glasgow Couriers taking TV coverage to saturation point.  First off its Sean Gordon popping up in the thick of the action during  Eurosport's Tour de France coverage. Then its our very own Lyndsey Carson getting a full screen close up on ITV4s 'The Bike Show'.  I think our sponsors may have to dig a little deeper when it comes to negotiating next years contracts.



Sean Gordon -Eurosport - Stage 10 - Col du Grand Colombier

Lyndsey Carson  shared the billing with Eddy Merckx on  ITV4s  "The Bike Show".

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Plus,of course,sponsor Willie and Chairman Sharpy at the Velodrome,either side of the track (Friday 3rd,4pm--7pm,to see Sharpy and her indoors crying with elation/grief/puzzlement---delete as events unfold),AND,young Ms.Smiffy fae Elderslie i/c Big Mac fastfoods-----faster than her dad,btw!
Yes,Pratty,Olympians all!
Dig deep---Endura want us yins next year!