Willy Bain heads to London 2012

Posted on 3rd July, 2012

We have known for a long time that Willy Bain is the best mechanic in the country - but now it seems that people in high places have begun to realise just how good the Couriers co-sponsor actually is.  Willy has been selected to be part of the crack team of  bike mechanics  on hand trackside at the  London games next month. What an honour it is to have the club represented at the Olympic Velodrome as all the drama unfolds! - Congratulations Willy you have done us proud!




Saturdays Daily Mail  - Willy Bain you have done us proud!

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Brilliant for the Club.
As Geoff has "Blabbed",I was Qhietly allocated 2 tickets,(£50 each plus processing---Eh?) for the Mens Team Pursuit round AND Final/Presentation et al,Womens Keiran,rounds,and Womens Team Pursuit rounds,all within a 2hr 55min window.
Hopefully,we can touch base with Willie,and "prochure" souvenirs for the Club presentation!
Er,can me and Susan claim expenses---after all,we're representing the Club.
Sorry,missed that---------