It's all in the mind

Posted on 2nd July, 2012

They say time trialling is 10% perspiration and 90% inspiration. Its hard not to feel sympathy for associate member Ian Sim who's moral was blown to shreds as he was apparently caught for 4 minutes within 11 miles by eventual winner Iain Grant.  Doing the sums in his head Simmy was convinced he was on to a real honker and climbed off after one lap. Turns out there had been a mix up with the starting times and Iain Grant was actually only 2 at his back.

Contrast this with my own experience- after a first lap of misery trying to keep my visor clear in the steamy conditions my moral was at rock bottom, then as I passed the start I found myself along side Shetland Wheelers superman Carlos Riise setting off on his first lap.  Imagine how my moral was lifted as I not only kept the Shetlander in my sights but actually appeared to be pulling him back at times.

Carlos Riise


Turns out it wasnt Carlos at all but Shetland Wheelers lady Christine McLean on her way to taking the Ladies Gold medal. On checking my Garmin  I was almost 2mph faster over the Stirling flat on my second lap!


The inspirational Christine McLean - Scottish Ladies 25mile Champion

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