LOTSW dominate Tighnabruiach run.

Posted on 26th June, 2012


Ron and John at the summit of Ballachindrain



LOTSW team leader Ron Difelice dominated yesterdays run to Tighnabruiach.  In a route which took in  the hors cat climbs of Glen Striven, Ballachindrain, Tighnabruach,  and Glen Striven back to back, mountain goat Geoff Smith was never going to be in the reckoning, but the surprise came as the evergreen  Difelice (67)  repeatedly pumped Millport Road Race podium 3rd place John Craig. Not content with dropping him on the climb and taking the cafe at Tighnabruiach Ron then rubbed salt in the wounds by beating sprint specialist Craig for the 30 sign at Sandbank! 



a broken John Craig limps into the cafe

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