Millport Vets Road Race

Posted on 4th June, 2012

The club threw everything they had at the Millport Vets RR this year with 11 Couriers starting in total. The tactics paid off as Jim Cusick went away in an early breakaway with  Ian Grant, Dooleys RT  and stayed away to take the win.  John "30 Sign" Craig showed that his recent domination of the club run sprints competition has stood him in good stead as he won the bunch sprint for 3rd place. Well done Couriers Vets Team!


John Craig 3rd Jim Cusick 1st  Ian Grant 2nd


Millport TT result
Tam Gordon Dooleys RT 21.29
Davie McLelland Dooleys RT 21.32
Gerry McGarrity Inverclyde Velo 21.40
David Gibson Dooleys RT 21.49
Michael Robb Ayr Roads 22.10
Derek McMillan St Christophers CC 22.22
Greg Brown Dooleys RT 22.44
Alex McPhee Dooleys RT 22.48
Scott Newman Inverclyde Velo 23.00
Martin Wilson VC Glasgow South 23.15
Richie Provan Glasgow Couriers 23.48
George Roberts VC Glasgow South 23.49
Sandy Wallace Sandy Wallace Cycles 23.50
John Anderson Glasgow Couriers 24.17
George McCarter Inverclyde Velo 24.22
Scott Glasgow Nightingale CC 24.41
Jack Carlion Glasgow Couriers 24.43
Fred Connor VC Glasgow Thistle 24.55
Murray Doyle Bute Whs 25.07
Graham Crichton Glasgow Couriers 25.11
Val Martin Dooleys RT 25.13
Lynn Ayr Roads 25.16
Graeme Brown East Kilbride RC 25.28
Vicky Begg Johnstone Whs 25.30
Robert Stevenson Inverclyde Velo 25.38
Lynsey Curran Glasgow Couriers 25.50
Jim Smith Nightingale CC 25.55
Fraser Grant Glasgow Couriers 25.58
Davie Irvine Inverclyde Velo 26.22
Mike Ferguson Johnstone Whs 26.29
Davie Owens Durham Tri Club 26.37
Ron Difelice Glasgow Couriers 26.56
Alan McAuley St Christophers CC 27.26
Allan Pratt Glasgow Couriers 27.27
Lewis Mulholland Johnstone Jets 28.07
Jim Doherty Bute Whs 28.07
Fiona Walker Walkers CC 28.43
Iain Blair Bute Whs 28.48
Isobel Fletcher Glasgow Whs 28.58
Eddie Nelson Glasgow Couriers 30.37
Lewis Blair Bute Whs 31.20
Ryan Glasgow Glasgow Riderz 31.23
James Tree Deeside Thistle 31.28
Ruairidh Brown Glasgow Riderz 31.37
Joe Sanders unattached 31.38
Mike Henry Bute Whs 32.16
Callum Johnstone Glasgow Riderz 32.23
Johnstone Glasgow Riderz 32.46
Johnstone Glasgow Riderz 33.09
Ken Tree Deeside Thistle 33.09
Katie McLean Johnstone Jets 33.19
Hamish McLaren Johnstone Jets 33.46
Johnstone Glasgow Riderz 34.08
Jonathon Stark Johnstone Jets 34.19
Mia Manasses unattached 34.29
Alana Steele Johnstone Jets 35.01
Jan Lapsley Johnstone Wheelers 35.17
Jono Bradford Johnstone Jets 35.42
Morgan Binnie Johnstone Jets 35.49
Luisa Steele Johnstone Jets 36.04
Douglas Arthur Johnstone Jets 37.00
Lucy Broadfoot Johnstone Jets 37.05
Lewis Steele Johnstone Jets 37.55
Callum Blair Bute Whs 38.35
Johnstone Glasgow Riderz 40.09
Louis Savage Glasgow Riderz 40.17
Ryan Broadfoot Johnstone Jets 42.09
Hamish McLean Johnstone Jets 43.12
Cameron Hunter Johnstone Jets 45.10
Cameron Broadfoot Johnstone Jets 46.34
Joe MacIntosh Glasgow Riderz 49.26
Colin Arthur Johnstone Jets 64.13




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Can you put full results of TT and road race on Braveheart? Thanks. Congratulations once again on a well organised event.