Dave and Jim win Boomerang Trophy

Posted on 8th May, 2012

Superfast Veteran Dave Millar paced by Jim Cusick ripped over the  Stirlingshire circuit on  Sunday to win the legendary 'standard based' Boomerang Trophy .  The result seems even more remarkable since the duo recorded a time of 51:14 - only 2 minutes slower than  Davy Crockett hatted 'youngster' Tam Gordon paced by 'man of the moment' Ian Grant.  John Anderson and Barry McGurk were 7th fastest team in 53:28. Well done the Couriers auld yins!



Boomerang 1st Place David Millar 51.14 + 20.17

Boomerang 2nd Place Derek Stewart 56.45 + 18.25

Boomerang 3rd Place Tam Gordon 49.13 + 18.21

Boomerang 4th Place Iain McLeod 57.49 + 16.51

Boomerang 5th Place David Gibson 51.40 + 16.16

Boomerang 6th Place Steve McCaw 51.36 + 16.09



Team 1st Place Tam Gordon / Ian Grant 49.13

Team 2nd Place David Millar / Jim Cusick 51.14

Team 3rd Place Mark Ewing / Ian King 51.36

Team 4th Place David Gibson / David McLennan 51.40

Team 5th Place Stephen Davidson / Richard Hunter 51.48

Team 6th Place Graeme Cockburn / Jamie Drever 52.00

Team 7th Place Equal Graeme Hay / Kyle Petrie 53.28

Team 7th Place Equal John Anderson / Barry Mcgurk 53.28

Team 7th Place Equal Andrew Wilson / Kenny Kentley 53.28

Team 10th Place Gary Robson / Jim Logan 53.33




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